The property and construction sector is at a tipping point. Against a backdrop of ongoing reductions in UK/EU labour mobility, as with other sectors, challenges faced include how to attract and retain talent, how to improve productivity and profitability, how to minimise the environmental impact of construction activity and maximise the energy efficiency of the buildings and facilities that are produced and how to adopt and maximise the value of New Technologies and Digital Business.

The digitisation of construction is happening now with new technologies disrupting the industry, claiming to offer the ability to address the challenges of smart sustainable design, improve project margins and tackle the shortage of skilled labour.

Diversification of the workforce into traditionalists, baby boomers, Generation X, and millennials presents new challenges resulting from differences in work ethic, attitude, outlook, and behaviour between the generations; strong capabilities in areas such as Managing People and Developing Collaborative Relationships, are pre-requisites for successful construction projects.

Managers able to effectively address these challenges and re-engineer their ways of working will be able to help position their businesses ready for success. Managers who fail to take these challenges seriously, however, may well find their businesses struggling for viability.

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