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Terms and Conditions

University Centre Quayside (UCQ) fully recognise the importance of providing accurate, clear and unambiguous terms and conditions as required by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

The following terms and conditions as updated from time to time, applies to the below course categories provided by University Centre Quayside (“UCQ”)

  • Apprenticeships (excluding Degree Apprenticeships)
  • Essential Workskills
  • Distance Learning
  • Higher Education (excluding the BA (Hons) Professional Management)
  • Skills Bootcamps
  • Work-based Learning

Enrolment implies your agreement to adhere to these terms. Registration becomes effective upon submission of the required enrolment forms and full course fee payment (if applicable), establishing a contractual relationship. Termination of enrolment may occur under specific conditions, including serious disciplinary offenses, inadequate progress, or failure to meet financial obligations.

Your privacy is valued, and personal information is handled in accordance with the Data and Privacy Policy (DA-001).

UCQ reserves the right to modify course structures, content, or schedules in accordance with our Consultation Policy. Where applicable, fees must be settled before the course begins, and non-completion or withdrawal results in non-refundable fees.

Attendance of at least 80% of scheduled sessions is expected, with prior notification for any absences.

Cancellation and refunds are permissible within 14 days of receiving confirmation, and UCQ may cancel the contract due to low demand, providing alternative course options or a refund of course fees paid.

Students are expected to maintain respectful behaviour throughout the course, with disruptive conduct leading to expulsion without refund.

Intellectual property rights apply to course materials, and students are prohibited from reproducing or distributing them without explicit written consent.

Confidential information obtained during the course is to be kept private, except where disclosure is required under the Safeguarding and/or Health and Safety Policies.

UCQ disclaims liability for direct or indirect damages arising from the course.

Disputes are resolved in accordance with UCQ’s Complaints Procedure (AC-002), with an option to appeal decisions via the Appeals Procedure (AC-001).

Reasonable adjustments are facilitated based on the Reasonable Adjustments Policy (GP-011).

By enrolling, you acknowledge understanding and agreement with these terms and conditions.

Course Specific Terms and Conditions