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Appeals and complaints

AC-001 – Appeals Procedure
AC-002 – Complaints Procedure


AD-002 – Admissions policy
AD-006 – Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy


DA-001 – Data Protection and Privacy Policy

General Policies

GP-001 – Equality and Diversity Policy
GP-004 – CMDA Student Handbook
GP-014 – CMDA Mentor’s Handbook
GP-007 – Environmental and Sustainability Policy
GP-015 – Essential Work Skills Student Handbook
GP-018 – Student Protection Plan and Exit Strategy
GP-019 – Access and Participation Statement
GP-021 – Customer Service Charter
GP-024 – Student Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
GP-025 – Social Value Policy

General Regulations

GR-001 – General Regulations

Health and Safety

HS-001 – Health and Safety Policy
HS-001 (Appendix A) – Risk Assessments and Safety Inspections
HS-001 (Appendix B) – Display Screen Equipment
HS-001 (Appendix C) – COSHH
HS-001 (Appendix D) – Terrorist Threat Policy
HS-001 (Appendix E) – Fire Training and Emergency Evacuations
HS-001 (Appendix F) – Accidents and First Aid
HS-001 (Appendix G) – Working Alone Information Sheet
HS-001 (Appendix H) – General Risk Assessments Template

HS-001 (Appendix I) – Covid-19 Safety Advice

Strategy and Values

SV-001 – UCQ Strategic Plan 2018-2023
SV-002 – UCQ Core Values

Degree Specifications

BA (Hons) Programme Specification


SA-002 – Safeguarding Policy
SA-002 (Appendix A) – Safeguarding Risk Assessment Panel
SA-002 (Appendix B) – Staff Code of Conduct
SA-002 (Appendix C) – Arrangements for Safeguarding Training
SA-002 (Appendix D) – Prevent
SA-002 (Appendix E) – Channel Process
SA-002 (Appendix F) – Safe Place to Work and Study
SA-002 (Appendix G) – Safer Recruitment Policy
SA-002 (Appendix H) – Allegations and Whistleblowing
SA-002 (Appendix I) – DBS and Barred List Checks
SA-001 (Appendix J) – Children and Adults Missing From Education
SA-002 (Appendix K) – Peer on Peer Abuse Including Bullying
SA-009 – Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults – Information for Students
SA-010 – Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults for Employers
SA-011 – Prevent Risk Assessment
SA-014 – Safe Use of IT Policy

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

TLA-018 – Ethics Policy
TLA-019 – Fitness to Study Policy and Procedure