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Apprenticeships/              Work-based Learning

Employers can contact our business development team on:

E:   chris.mccormick@ucq.ac.uk

T:   07383836747

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Degree Apprenticeships

Contact our team to discuss degree apprenticeships on:

E:    hello@ucq.ac.uk

T:    0113 397 9379

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Distance Learning

You can contact distance learning on:

Email:  distance@ucq.ac.uk

Tel:       0191 209 9053

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Essential Work Skills

Contact our engagement officers to discuss courses:

E:   maureen.darby@ucq.ac.uk   

T:   07366565782

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Head Office

Contact our Head Office to discuss your needs: 

E:   HO@ucq.ac.uk

T:   0191 275 5015

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