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Leadership and Governance

UCQ’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) take strategic and operational responsibility for organising, managing and delivering the high quality further and higher education of UCQ, including delivering its Strategic Plan in adherence with the organisation’s Core Values.  These values have guided our actions for over thirty years.

The Academic Council, established as the principal academic body, holds the primary governance responsibilities of UCQ, and shares responsibilities with the Company Directors, covered through a Memorandum of Understanding between the Directors, the Academic Council and the Senior Leadership Team.  SLT are required to sit on the Academic Council to ensure transparency and accountability.

The Council is governed by the Academic Council By-Laws and Code of Conduct and is supported by a number of other committees. The Academic Council membership has an appropriate balance of skills, experience, diverse backgrounds and independence.  The size and composition of the fit and proper Council reflects the nature, scale and complexity of the organisation with the culture of the Council reflective of the articulated values and culture of UCQ.

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Nick Mapletoft, Principal, UCQ

Dr Nick Mapletoft


E: nick.mapletoft@ucq.ac.uk

Michelle Elliott, Vice Principal, UCQ

Michelle Elliott

Vice Principal

E: michelle.elliott@ucq.ac.uk

Tara Henderson, Head of Policy and Governance, UCQ

Tara Henderson

Head of Policy and Governance

E: tara.henderson@ucq.ac.uk

Olga Mapletoft, Company Secretary, UCQ

Olga Mapletoft

Company Secretary

E: olga.mapletoft@ucq.ac.uk

Kelly Pattison, Head of Data and Quality, UCQ

Kelly Pattison

Head of Data and Quality

E: kelly.pattison@ucq.ac.uk

Academic Council (includes all members of SLT)

John Lockey, Academic Council Chair, UCQ

John Lockey


E: john.lockey@ucq.ac.uk

Stuart Cameron, Employer Relationships, UCQ

Stuart Cameron

Academic Council Member

E: stuart.cameron@ucq.ac.uk

Dr Yvonne Moogan, Academic Council Member, UCQ

Dr Yvonne Moogan

Academic Council Member

E: yvonne.moogan@ucq.ac.uk

Andy Price, Academic Programme Lead, UCQ

Andy Price

Academic Programme Lead

E: andy.price@ucq.ac.uk

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Linda Jarvis

Employer Representative


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Elaine Roy

Employer Representative


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Franki Pepperell

Student Representative