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Safeguarding and Prevent


University Centre Quayside (UCQ) fully recognise their responsibilities to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and vulnerable adults, including the responsibilities their Academic Council, staff and volunteers have in regard to the protection of children and vulnerable adults from abuse; and to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

Policies, procedures and appendices

SA-002 – Safeguarding Policy
SA-002 (Appendix A) – Criminal Convictions and the Risk Assessment Panel 
SA-002 (Appendix B) – Staff Code of Conduct
SA-002 (Appendix C) – Arrangements for Safeguarding Training
SA-002 (Appendix D) – Prevent
SA-002 (Appendix E) – Channel Process
SA-002 (Appendix F) – Safe Place to Work and Study
SA-002 (Appendix G) – Safer Recruitment Policy
SA-002 (Appendix H) – Allegations and Whistleblowing
SA-002 (Appendix I) – DBS and Barred List Checks
SA-002 (Appendix J) – Children and Adults Missing From Education
SA-002 (Appendix K) – Peer on Peer Abuse Including Bullying
SA-013 – Modern Slavery Statement
SA-014 – Safe Use of IT Policy
SA-015 – External Speaker and Events Policy
SA-016 – Student Welfare Policy
SA-017 – Alcohol and Drugs Policy
SA-018 – Sexual Misconduct Policy
SA-019 – Suicide-Safer Strategy

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Guides for students/employers

SA-009 – Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults – Information for Students
SA-010 – Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults for Employers