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Transparency Data


The information published here shows the number of students who, on completion of their course, attained a particular degree or academic award, or particular level of such an award.   It shows data broken down into gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background.

Note: numerators and denominators have been rounded to the nearest 10.  Where the numerator or denominator rounds to 20 or less, the data are suppressed with an “N”.


OFS Transparency Data 2023 (2021/2022)

Table 1a Attainment 2021/22   

Table 1b Attainment 2021/22   

Rounding and Suppression 2021/22 

OFS Transparency Data 2022 (2020/2021)

Table 1a Attainment 2020/21   

Table 1b Attainment 2020/21   

Rounding and Suppression 2020/21 

OFS Transparency Data 2021 (2019/2020)

Table 1a Attainment 2019/20   

Table 1b Attainment 2019/20   

Rounding and Suppression 2019/20