The technology sector is booming, with leading companies regularly featuring amongst the best places to work. As a largely people centred industry, the consistent challenge across all tech companies is acquiring, and retaining, the right people with the right skills. Technology is a critical aspect of almost all businesses across all sectors; whether financial and professional services, transport and logistics or health and social care, a common challenge is getting and keeping, the best “tech talent”.

There is a “war on talent” for the top tech performers between the tech companies that have hired and developed those people and the hiring managers within non-tech companies that want to hire them into their businesses. The best tech managers will be those with strong skills in areas such as organisational behaviour.

Excellent capabilities in Managing People are critical, to ensure that the right tech staff are hired, that they have clear visibility of their career development path and are appropriately motivated, challenged and receive regular concise feedback on their performance.

Managers adept in Leading People will help ensure that the core purpose, values and strategic direction of the organisation are clearly articulated throughout the organisation and tirelessly and consistently pursued.

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