Regulatory and economic pressures and public perception are forcing the health and social care sectors to reinvent themselves. The high-quality running of care homes depends, critically, upon the management skills and leadership attributes of the care home managers who hold legal responsibility for all that happens within them. The sector is changing the way it assesses leadership of and corporate responsibility in providers of services to include the key domain of ‘well-led’.

Budgetary deficits are forcing managers to look for new, smarter, more flexible ways of doing things, whilst remaining compliant with quality and safety standards. Effective managers need to develop internal and external networks, as such they need to be skilled at Developing Collaborative Relationships. Organisational culture impacts on systems and processes and the responsiveness or flexibility of care homes and, thereby, on staff and residents, as such managers must be able to create a culture enabling people to exercise control and choice centred around dignity and respect.

Successful managers must understand Business Finance and be able to create financially viable business plans; they must also possess high levels of emotional and social intelligence and be able to effectively and authentically engage with residents, patients, relatives and staff. They will be skilled at Leading People and Managing People, able to create a vision and inspire their staff to work towards achieving this.

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