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Michelle Elliot


4th April 2018


UCQ works across a range of industries, helping employers prepare for the challenges of the rapidly changing business landscape. Our unwavering focus helps drive business performance by developing the leadership and management capabilities of people.

Established in 1994, UCQ is a financially robust, independent provider of higher education. UCQ specifically focuses on supporting employers in driving business performance through work-based learning and degree apprenticeships. We combine academic rigour with real world business know-how. Our approach to helping improve business results focuses on developing leadership and management capabilities of current and also future employees.

UCQ provides degree apprenticeships throughout England, and also has professional learning centres in the six largest metropolitan areas. We offer flexible solutions to taught sessions, and off-the-job learning, blending programme delivery at
UCQ locations with client facilities and live webinars, to create programmes which truly meet the needs of clients.

UCQ is one of the first of a new breed of higher education institutes encouraged by Government through the Higher Education and Research Act 2017.

Among its many aims, the Act seeks to disrupt the historic monopoly held by traditional providers of higher education. By allowing new entrants access to the higher education market, the intention is to stimulate competition in order to drive innovation, raise quality standards and align higher education more closely with employer needs. All of which underpin a strengthening of the wider economy through productivity gains and growth in GDP.

The UCQ CMDA is ideal for existing managers or for employees stepping up or across to their first management role. Work-based learning specialists have developed, and delivered the CMDA. They understand the realities of business from their extensive industry experience, gained working “at the coal face” of management; as a result, you can be confident that they will appreciate your needs, challenges and constraints, as well as those of your staff. As a result, you will also be able to deliver a programme to fully meet your organisational and staff needs.

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