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We’re now Chamber of Commerce Members


Jade Gillham


16th June 2022


We are delighted to announce that the University Centre Quayside (UCQ) has joined the North East England Chamber of Commerce.

As most of our team are from the local areas of Teesside, Newcastle, Durham, and Gateshead, we love seeing what the Chamber of Commerce is doing to create strong networks for a range of different businesses.

A lot of businesses are still recovering from the impact of COVID-19 or adapting to new ways of working, so we know how important it is, now more than ever, to support local businesses and get involved in the business community within our region.

Working North East Campaign

We’re very much looking forward to supporting the Chamber with the Working North East campaign which outlines the need for “well-resourced and locally run reskilling and upskilling programmes aligned with local economic strategies and areas of job growth”.

Joining the Chamber means that we will be popping up at events across the region and are looking forward to connecting with other local businesses.

Please don’t hesitate to contact UCQ to discuss your training and development needs on 07366566486 or email andy.clark@ucq.ac.uk