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UCQ’s Inaugural Learning Fair


Jade Gillham


23rd June 2023


University Centre Quayside (UCQ) are celebrating the remarkable success of our first-ever annual learning fair, held in the heart of Leeds at the prestigious Hilton hotel. The event was a gathering of Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) students from all years, united by a shared passion for knowledge and growth.

Under the theme of ‘The importance of social learning and collaborative working in your own personal and professional development’ the day was jam-packed. Our agenda was carefully curated to empower attendees with insights from inspiring guest speakers, invigorating group sessions, valuable networking opportunities, and enlightening seminars.

In the morning, expert speakers took centre stage, delivering thought-provoking talks on a diverse range of topics, including the future challenges of leadership. 

After lunch and networking, students were able to choose between four incredible seminars  each carefully designed to enhance their personal growth and learning journey.

The feedback we received from the students who attended was overwhelmingly positive with a resounding 100% satisfaction rate. Let’s hear directly from some of them:

“Great venue and atmosphere. Really good meeting my cohort in person and meeting the various UCQ staff. I really enjoyed the guest speakers and felt quite inspired and motivated from their talks.” – Year 1 student.

“The venue was fantastic, especially the location to the train station and transport links …The sessions were great and I thoroughly enjoyed the [It’s a great idea] session, it was very interesting.” – Year 2 student.

“It was great to meet the other students in my cohort and in another cohort too. We passed ideas around and was able to share our own experiences about learning and how we manage time keeping.” – Year 2 student.

Our next annual learning fair is set to take place on Thursday 18th April 2024. This time, we will extend an invitation to Level 3 and 7 management students.

Join us as we continue to forge a vibrant community of learners, where connections flourish, and personal growth knows no bounds.