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The class of (September) 2020…


Stuart Cameron


25th September 2020


The class of (September) 2020...
Whoop, whoop!!!! Albeit remotely, we are delighted to welcome our latest cohort of Chartered Manager Degree Apprentices to UCQ.

Over the next 36 months, the group of 30+ individuals from a range of private and public sector employers across England, will develop and hone their knowledge and skills of professional management, in order to prepare them for their future management roles, or help them to do an even better job than they are doing today.

Huge respect to our new students’ employers  #UCLH#TSG UK,  #issworld , #GBRailfreight#Ageconcern#dssmith#GlobalCommissioning#Optivo and #HTCWolffkrann for continuing to invest in their staff’s development as professional managers, which, arguably, has never been more important.