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Stuart Cameron – how we blend academic expertise with real world business know how


Stuart Cameron


30th March 2018


Stuart Cameron, UCQ’s Managing Director of commercial operations discusses how we blend academic expertise with real world business know how.


According to the Chartered Management Institute, four out of five British managers hold no formal qualifications in management. Under-investment in the development of management skills and tools is a reason behind the UK’s lagging levels of productivity.

Employers are constantly looking for improved results from their members of staff, whether that is those already in management roles, or those looking to progress.

The focus of UCQ is to help employers drive business performance and also improve results through the development of their existing and prospective managers.

Our work-based learning specialists have developed the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship. They understand the realities of leadership and management thanks to their own extensive industry experience.

This includes me and my team at UCQ who have a great deal of hands on experience in leadership and management, gained from working across a range of industries, employer types and sizes; from small/medium sized enterprises, venture capital backed firms, and also Fortune 500 industrial conglomerates.

Aligned with the needs of employers, our corporate and commercial teams ensure we remain focused on the employer. This is alongside managing aspects of our business. Employer engagement and relationship management ensures this.

Employee focus, combined with academic expertise, means teaching and learning is informed by industry experts. These experts act, in part, as the voice of the customer. This ensures there’s no disconnect between the academic concepts and theories we teach and their practical application in the workplace.

We want to help employers develop better managers, so they can drive sustainable business improvements and bottom line growth.

Therefore, with a degree apprenticeship, the outcome for employers is engaged and qualified managers with proven skills, knowledge and behaviours. They are also more effective at their jobs, with the capacity to make much greater contributions to the business.