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Sean Robson – Getting to know our clients


Stuart Cameron


30th March 2018


Hear from Sean Robson, UCQ director of centre operations on how we tailor our programmes to meet the needs of our clients.


At UCQ we understand and appreciate that employers want excellent value for money. This is why one of our main focuses is to get to know our clients and their businesses really well; this allows us to tailor what we do to reflect what is most important to them.

We offer our clients flexible delivery solutions, meaning they can choose from one of six UCQ locations around the country, utilise their own facilities, or even opt for live webinars or video conferences.

When contextualising programmes for employers we can apply your branding, include content reflecting your company’s core values, behaviours, purposes and / or strategic themes. We can also build in references to your key business metrics or preferred ways of working, such as leadership style; approaches to executive coaching; project management; and even the key technologies you use in your business – the UCQ experience is completely tailored to your business.


UCQ aspires to be your partner for the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship, and we will support you in a host of areas, such as, helping you understand your employer apprenticeship responsibilities; setting up and managing your apprenticeship service account; navigating funding, standards and compliance agencies; helping you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls; and setting KPI’s to help measure the progress and impact of the programme. We are also happy to act as a general sounding board for any apprenticeship-related queries you may have.

Adding to this tailored experience, and thus ensuring our students have the highest level of support throughout their degree apprenticeship, each student is assigned a UCQ employee mentor, who will remain with them throughout their degree apprenticeship. This ensures that no one falls behind or misses important deadlines, and that each student can develop a personal learning plan at the start of the programme, which will set out key milestones that will be monitored and managed by themselves, their UCQ mentor and employer line manager.

Whether students are from one employer or a number of different employers, we actively encourage collaborative working; this being an essential skill in today’s business world.

One of UCQ’s primary focuses is to upskill existing managers so they perform even better within their current management role. We also provide prospective managers with the skills to confidently step up, or across, to their first management position. Whichever way you look at it – our emphasis is on professional people learning in a professional and educational environment.

The UCQ Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship combines our BA (Hons) Professional Management degree (validated by The Open University) with the CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership. Students successfully completing the programme will also receive professional recognition as a Chartered Manager (CMgr MCMI) through the CMI.