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New Amazon’s Fulfilment Centre in Darlington


Michelle Elliot


16th April 2020


1,000 New Jobs at Amazon’s Fulfilment Centre in Darlington

Amazon have been planning to open their fulfilment centre in Darlington this spring and, despite the COVID19 situation, this is still going ahead.

Darlington will be Amazon’s first fulfilment centre in the North East. This opening will create 1,000 permanent jobs for people in the region. 

UCQ can help you increase your chances of securing employment with our Essential Skills for Warehousing course.

The course is fully funded (so there’s no cost to you) and it will be delivered online remotely so you can study from home around any other commitments.

Complete this enquiry form to see how we can help you secure employment – http://tiny.cc/fcz4mz

Please tag anyone you think would be interested and share this post for your friends and family who may be looking for help getting their next permanent job.