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Case Study – Retail Nov 2019 – Andrew


Michelle Elliot


22nd April 2020



The overall intent of the delivery is to support improving the learners’ readiness for employment.

The skill scan for knowledge, skills and behaviours at the start of the programme identified that Andrew had low scores for his baseline assessment, with little or no experience or skills in the Retail sector. 

He was very keen to learn, though Andrew’s barriers to learning included that he was dyslexic and was assessed at Entry Level 1 English and maths skills. 


Andrew attended the Essential Skills for Retail programme, delivered two days a week over a 7 week period.  This was delivered in the community at Galafield Learning Hive. 

Andrew had started to attend English and maths classes at the Hive, but had stopped attending due to his low confidence.  His tutor, Sue Rogers, arranged for him to recommence at Blakelaw Hive once the Galafield centre closed.  As he was going with some of the rest of the group, he felt comfortable with this.


At the end of the programme, Andrew identified in his final skill scan assessment that he has improved his confidence rating in every area of the knowledge, skills and behaviours covered throughout the programme.

Andrew’s confidence has grown and he has now improved his English skills from  Entry Level 1 to Entry Level 3. 

Andrew says “I really enjoyed the course because I have improved my confidence in myself…I had lots of feedback on my work.  My tutor helped me with my work when needed and told me all the stuff I have improved”.

After discussing volunteering at the Newcastle Food Bank with one of his peers, Andrew was actively seeking voluntary work at the end of his programme.