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Becoming better managers…


Stuart Cameron


7th February 2020


Click the video to watch a short interview with UCQ degree apprentices, Mike Sully and Martin Dyson, where they explain why they chose to study our CMDA programme and how it is helping them become better managers.




“If I hadn’t done this course, I would never have known what that was [situational leadership]… Although it’s only been 10 months… yes [I am becoming a better manager].”

Mike Sully, Production Engineering Manager at Denso Marston Ltd and UCQ Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice


“I didn’t go to university after leaving school, I didn’t think I was capable… My company are well behind me, to help me become a better manager and leader… I think the Apprenticeship Levy provides a really good incentive for businesses to progress [their] staff…”

Martin Dyson, Head of European Customer and Field Service, Acorn Mobility Services Ltd, and UCQ Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice