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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone do an apprenticeship?
A:  Yes but you must be aged over 16 and in employment.

Q: Do I need to have any qualifications to enrol on an apprenticeship programme?
A: Depending on the apprenticeship and level, you may have to meet entry requirements. The apprenticeship programmes page will provide more information. 

Q: I work part time, can I still undertake an apprenticeship?
A: Yes, although your programme will increase in duration if you work less than 30 hours.

Q: I have a health problem. Will this affect my learning in any way?
A: No. UCQ are here to assist and help all learners of all abilities. 

Q: Do I need maths and English to join?
A: Not necessarily. For the majority of apprenticeship pathways, UCQ will support you to achieve your maths and/or English. For a Level 2 apprenticeship you are required to complete and achieve Functional skills Level 1; for a Level 3 apprenticeship you are required to complete and achieve Functional Skills Level 2. Although this is not part of your off-the-job hours, UCQ will support you to achieve the Functional Skills through a series of workshops and sessions.

Q: How will I be assessed
A: Your programme will be split into units. Assessment methods may include assignments, projects, presentations, questions/answers, case studies, or other forms of assessment. The programme specification will outline all assessment methods. You will also be required to collect portfolio evidence to demonstrate new knowledge, skills and behaviours. At the end of your programme you will enter a Gateway before moving to the End Point Assessment, which is the independent assessment requirement of the apprenticeship

Q: What will I get when I complete my apprenticeship?
A: You will receive a certificate once you have completed the full programme and End Point Assessment; you will also receive certificates for any other qualification elements of the programme, including maths/English where this has been achieved.

Q: Who pays for the apprenticeship and do I need to contribute? 
A:  Your employer will pay for the apprenticeship, either through the apprenticeship levy or through co-funding, where they pay a contribution to the cost. There should be no cost to the apprentice for any part of their programme.