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A “sneaky peek” behind the scenes


Stuart Cameron


2nd April 2020


Whilst working from home earlier this week, I took the opportunity to quietly go behind the scenes and join one of our Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) cohorts, attending an online lecture with our module lead for  “Developing Collaborative Relationships”, Gareth James.

In this short video, Gareth explains how our simple (but highly effective) 3 step remote lecture process works, and I have a look at some of the prerecorded online resources which are available for students to work through.

Whether your staff are working from home, or on furlough, upskilling your workforce to ensure you have strong and competent leaders and managers, with the knowledge and skills to push through the current crisis and lead the recovery once we’re on the other side, has never been more critical.

If you would like to “attend” one of our online lectures as an observer, please let me know.

Stay safe, and stay at home.

Stuart Cameron – Director of Executive Education