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Essential Skills for Site Safety

This programme has been carefully designed with employers and referral organisations to provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours required for safe working on construction and engineering sites.

During this course you will develop knowledge and skills including:

  • Knowledge and understanding of health and safety requirements of the work area ensuring the safe working of yourself and others
  • Understanding the use and importance of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Effectively receiving and checking incoming materials
  • Ensuring effective safety precautions with transferring, lifting and moving materials, with or without equipment
  • Effectively and safely transferring materials
  • Preparing and maintaining the work area
  • Ensuring safe working practices during operations
  • Following quality and inspection procedures
  • Preparation for Health and Safety and Construction test
  • Preparation for CCNSG external test
  • Preparation for the Health, Safety and Environment external test 

In addition to the above, you will also undertake the Health and Safety Construction Level 1 qualification and CCNSG training and test.

You will also attend an external centre to undertake the Health, Safety and Environment test. 

Successfully achieving both the Health, Safety and Construction qualification and Pearson’s Health, Safety and Environment test will allow UCQ to apply for your CSCS Card.  This will enable you to work on a construction site.

Successful completion of the CCNSG will provide you with a CCNSG safety passport which is the construction and engineering site safety passport allowing access to site.

You will study this programme using a blended model over 4 weeks including:

  • Induction and initial training – 0930-1300
  • 7 x in-centre training sessions – 0930-1530
  • Self-directed study 
  • 1 assessment days at UCQ and session at external test centre


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Course Information

 Title: Essential Skills for Site Safety

Code: UCQ/A44

  Duration: Over 4 weeks

  Upon successful completion and achievement of the programme students will achieve EAL Level 2 qualifications covering:

  • Receiving and Checking Incoming Materials
  • Transferring Materials
  • Preparing Operations
  • Producing Products


  • Health and Safety in Construction L1
  • Health, Safety and Environment Test
  • CCNSG Site Safety Passport
  • CSCS Card

  Transferable skills developed throughout the programme include:

  • Communication skills
  • Numeracy and literacy skills
  • Effectively following instructions
  • Personal motivation and organisational skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management

  Programmes are available throughout the year and enrolment is flexible.  

  Each student will receive a dedicated tutor who will provide in centre classes, support with self-directed study and assessment preparation and support.

  Study Format: In centre sessions; study guides and assessment packs and into work support.

You will be required to attend UCQ to attend classes, undertake your practical assessments and CCNSG and an external test centre for your Health, Safety and Environment Test.