Managers are backing the Apprenticeship programme to overturn employer underinvestment in skills development, according to a survey of 1,640 managers carried out by CMI in February 2018.

‘Employers should look upon the Apprenticeship Levy as a “Business Performance Improvement Fund” which can be used to upskill existing staff as well as well as for bringing new talent into the organisation. We know from first-hand experience, that many employers are unaware that the “Levy” can be used to train leaders and managers at all levels. We also know that many individuals are unaware the Levy exists or can be used to improve their skills and help advance their careers. The research undertaken by the CMI, highlights the widespread support amongst manager’s for apprenticeships, and UCQ is here to help.’
Stuart Cameron, Managing Director, Commercial Operations, University Centre Quayside

  • 63% of managers support the Apprenticeship Levy to increase employer investment in professional skills
  • 2 in 5 managers are concerned about current under investment in their organisation when it comes to upskilling managers
  • 34% of employers from large organisations, eligable to pay the Levy, have delayed apprenticeship starts as they adjust to the new system
  • 9 out of 10 managers support Levy spending on apprenticeships for all ages
  • Nearly half (47%) of all managers expressed doubt that the government will hit its 015 target of creating three million apprentices by 2020
  • 48% of managers expect to see a rise in the number of new apprentices in the next 12 months
  • 60% of managers in the South East are predicting a rise in the number of new apprentices compared to just 40% of managers in the North West
  • Over half (51%) of managers say that the country will need greater investment in skills post-Brexit
  • 81% of managers say that access to the digital apprenticeships service should be extended to small businesses
  • 4 in 5 employers want more freedom to spend the Levy on small businesses in their supply chain
  • The top five benefits of the new management apprenticeships, according to employers, are:
    • Expanding the talent pool (85%)
    • Creating a learning culture (84%)
    • Engagement and motivation (75%)
    • Increasing productivity (73%)
    • Employee retention (72%)

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