Hear from UCQ’s Principal and CEO, Nick Mapletoft, on how we help employers adjust to the rapidly changing nature of today’s business world.


At UCQ we have an unwavering focus on helping our clients achieve business performance improvements by developing the professional leadership and management capabilities of their people.

Over the last two decades global tech giants such as Amazon, Google and Facebook have developed at an increasingly fast pace, and now pose a threat to a wide spectrum of industry types, from container shipping and postal services to universities and banks. The business landscape is changing every day, and the speed of that change is constantly accelerating. Business success is no longer the domain of the strongest; driven by real time data, it is now being dominated by the fastest, most technologically advanced and innovative businesses across the world.

As a result, now, more than ever, businesses need strong, capable and skilled people not only able to manage staff, projects and budgets through process and delegated authority, but who can create a vision for the future, inspire action from their people and lead their teams to making that vision become reality. This is what the UCQ Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship helps to develop and we as a provider of higher education deliver to our clients.

The prominent role of technology in today’s business world, in particular the digital transformation of recent years, means that companies and their people must adopt and adapt to new ways of working more often and more quickly than ever before.

UCQ was launched back in 1994 to provide an alternative service to organisations across various industries, helping them prepare for the challenges of a rapidly changing business landscape.  We want to focus on bringing academic and business perspectives together to help support our clients and their people, pushing them to develop the new skills, tools and knowledge needed to progress in this digitalised and fast paced world. Work-based learning, combined with academic rigour and real world business know how help us in our approach to improving business results, leadership and management capabilities of both current and future employees.

Our flexible solutions to taught sessions and off-the-job learning include attendance at one of our six professional learning centres plus a choice of live webinars and video conferencing, or the option for clients to use their own facilities, which when combined create programmes that truly meet the needs of our clients.