The UCQ Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) combines our BA (Hons) Professional Management degree (validated by The Open University) with the CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership. Students successfully completing the programme will also receive professional recognition as a Chartered Manager (CMgr MCMI) through the CMI.

For existing managers or employees stepping up

The UCQ CMDA is ideal for existing managers or for employees that are stepping up or across to their first management role. The programme has been specifically developed, and is delivered, by our work-based learning specialists. They understand the realities of business from their extensive industry experience, gained working “at the coal face” of management; as a result, you can be confident that they will appreciate your needs, challenges and constraints, as well as those of your staff and will be able to deliver a programme to fully meet your organisational and staff needs.

Directly benefits the employer organisation

The UCQ CMDA programme is delivered and assessed using a range of methods and activities including face-to-face taught sessions, live webinar, assignments, projects, case studies, reports, portfolio building, presentations, self- directed study and group working. Importantly, all of these activities are focused upon the student’s actual work and are of direct benefit to the employer organisation. We aim to gain maximum return on investment for our employer customers, whenever their employees study with us.

CMDA at a glance

Awards: UCQ BA (Hons) Professional Management degree (validated by The Open University), CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership, Chartered Manager status (CMgr MCMI)

Duration: Up to three years

Starts: March, June, September and November – plus additional on request subject to minimum cohort sizes

Suitable for: Existing managers, those with management responsibilities and employees identified as future managers

Entry requirements: Negotiated between UCQ and employer

“Off the job” element: Taught sessions one day per month plus activities including job shadowing, portfolio development, one to one’s etc

Support for students: UCQ mentor for duration of the programme

Support for employers: UCQ account manager for duration of programme 

Eligibility: Individuals holding existing degrees may join, providing it is not a business and management degree

Assessment: There are no exams, successful completion of the CMDA is entirely based upon the following assessments:

  • Knowledge and skills assessment
  • Behavioural assessment  
  • End-point assessment 


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Course Modules

Year 1 - Level 4 Modules

  1. Module 1.1 Academic Skills

    The essential skills and knowledge required of a higher education student.

  2. Module 1.2 Leading People

    The impact of different leadership styles on individual and organisational performance.

  3. Module 1.3 Communication

    Understanding different forms of communication and their effectiveness in the workplace.

  4. Module 1.4 Sales and Marketing

    How sales and marketing strategies are relevant to management within the workplace.

  5. Module 1.5 Decision Making

    Making and communicating effective decisions.

  6. Module 1.6 Professional Practice 1

    Demonstrating your ongoing development as a professional manager.

Year 2 - Level 5 Modules

  1. Module 2.1 Managing People

    How to recruit, manage and develop people using a variety of approaches.

  2. Module 2.2 Business Finance

    Understand and assess the impact of financial performance on the organisation

  3. Module 2.3 New Technologies

    How to best use technology as a tool for innovation and future development.

  4. Module 2.4 Digital Business

    Today’s digital business environment and how it can be used to your advantage.

  5. Module 2.5 Developing Collaborative Relationships

    Developing relationships with a range of key internal and external stakeholders.

  6. Module 2.6 Professional Practice 2

    Demonstrating your ongoing development as a professional manager.

Year 3 - Level 6 Modules

  1. Module 3.1 Strategy and Change

    Develop and implement an organisational strategy and how to manage change.

  2. Module 3.2 Project Management

    The effective planning, design, development and implementation of projects.

  3. Module 3.3 Professional Practice 3

    Demonstrating your ongoing development as a professional manager.

  4. Module 3.4 Management Project

    A management related project centred around your work.